Monday, December 3, 2012

The Telecom Christmas Tree

On a Fantastical Saturday night the Prefects and Ambassadors  ( + families and friends) were all invited by the kind people of Telecoms to attend a fun night in the city to see the big Telecoms tree light up.

We met a very kind  lady named Kathren and she kindly gave everyone a goody bag,She then escorted us to the park where we met many stranger and saw Santa little working elf's.

After we settle in our sitting area Me, Samson and Tui  and a bunch of others went around and explored the area to see what fun things with would find.We found a place filled with funataiment (fun + entertainment) and soon we met an extraordinary person named Denny,He was not like other people of the earth, he was super funny and a hack a lot of fun to be around.

The highlight of my day was meeting the people of Telecoms and getting see and also meeting the band of Titanium.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Transition at Tamaki Collage

Usually on Thursday we have tech, but for the first time we had a Transition (meaning: Moving from one part of life to the next) .

We had three rotation and they were English,Music and Science,we were taken by T.C prefect and we were escorted to Music class.

In Music class we met a fantastic teacher named Mr Ta’le’fo’ne, the things we did in music was that we had to come up with a rap about our school,community and MYSELF. We were divided into 4 groups of 4  and was send to a desk to think.

After we were sent to a room to practise and got ready to rap or sing in front of the whole class.

At the end ,Music was fun and educational and next year I hope I get to be in that class.

Thank you Turuhira for reading my post!

Monday, November 26, 2012



In our class we have been going to swimming lesson every Wednesday, during swimming lessons I was doing work because I was not allowed to swim due to problems I had.

Well, what I learnt was a technique that will keep your temperature warm well you are cold in the sea called the“Huddle”if you are with many people you should make a circle(facing Inwards like a football team huddling) so you can share the body heat to each others keeping the temperature warm not risking your life getting hypothermia, if you are going “SOLO” you should cross your arms and legs lifting your knees up near your chest to keep your temperature warm called the “HELP”(heat escape lessening position).

I learn also that if your boat capsized in the middle of nowhere in the sea you should grab any floating object that's nearby and wait for rescue.

A MUST DO THING BEFORE ENTERING THE WATER” Wear a life jacket, It could save your life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Every year on a day we have a film festival called the “Manaiakalani Film Festival”, schools from around the area make films that will be showed at  Hoyts at Sylvia Park.

Our class(room 19) made a  wonderful movie related to how you treat people.

Wednesday was the day were our year 7’s and 8’s was taken to the great hoyts we watched 20 different movies from other school and our school too.

I thought all the movies was great but the two movies that got my attention was room 18 silent  movie from PES and the “One direction” movie from TC.

The film festival was fun and I hope next year I get to see other fantastic movies from school around the area.  

Thanks for Samson for checking my work.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Driving To His Goals

After two years since the accident Matt made to Robs car, Matt was ready to learn how to drive, he jump in the drivers seat and this time he was tall enough to reach his legs to the pedals.

Rob the owner of the car taught him all the basic skills to drive,then he took him for a little spin,after 3 more years matt was able to drive,he was going to go get his license but first he had to do a test, his first test he was 20% low to be able to get his license ,then he came the next day to try again but he was 30% lower this time.

After he tried and tried he went be to Rob because he was sick of the test,Rob threw his car keys to Matt thinking that he had his license and then they zoomed off in the red car.

Matt was feeling at the top of the world until he and Rob was stopped by the police,Rob didn’t worry but Matt did,the police ask for his license but he said he didn’t have one, he was soon given a warning for driving without license.

Matt soon went back to study for his next test, he stayed up for the next few month up till 1 in the morning before getting knocked at from being tried.

The day of the test he was confident that he was going to pass,the test went on and he was on fire, he wrote this and trick that and did everything that he studied about, then he waited.

Soon his result come to his face and his face was full of excitement,he went to Rob house and then he drove the car away with happiness.

Thanks for Kevin for editing my work.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Roller coaster of death!!

Stories that people tell that people enter the roller coaster and neve
In one terrifying night in every year the roller coaster will open a pr see anyone come out at the end, stories that will haunt family’s forever
ortal to an unknown place if a person is on it, the roller coaster got shut down and was not ride for years until three boys came to visit their grandmother and saw the abundant roller coaster.They were so unsure why it was closed down, one of them looked at the sign and it said ”do not enter.” They heard a voice coming from the roller coaster,”we need help” then the voice faded away.

The boys soon ran home and told each other’s they will never return, The next day they saw their grandmother running to the abundant roller coaster and started talking to it, it was weird so the three young boys went out to investigate, the boys couldn’t hear anything but they could see the Avatar just standing on the track.

Soon the grandma went into a portal with the blue man and disappeared, the boys followed in a rollercoaster cart, when they got in the place there stomach felt so weird because the roller coaster was going to fast, when they go in wicked place they saw  scary masks stuck on the walls,very soon the boys got creeped out and started running, soon the mask’s started talking and the boys started to sprint , soon they ran into her grandmother, she started saying” how ,what, oh my gosh” and then she started freaking out,suddenly the floor open up and sucked the boys and their grandmother and the blue Avater, soon they found hanging at the top of a lava pool, soon a man come wearing black walking with a evil look” you should've not come you little bratz” the boys were scared......

To be Continued

Money in the air!!

In a poor town where people fight for money, every year there would be wars over money, many people would die , families would move away and never return.Soon a family move into the violent town but did not know the town was so harmful, next few weeks there house was robbed day after day, one day the family's money was taken by crooks, they were devastated.

They soon went to a church and started to pray that no one would steal anything  from there home anymore, the next few months nothing was stolen, they were happy but they have no money so they hadn't eaten for months so they prayed and prayed and prayed, the next day the clouds turned green, they never seen clouds like those ever before.

Soon the sky started raining money, the family said it was a “MIRACLE” , everyone got money and for the past few years the whole town had money and more money and even more money, there were no more wars and the town ended up being one of the richest towns in the world.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Danger's of smoking!

In our class we have been researching the danger of smoking.We have been looking for what the smokes does when you inhale it and what's disease you get when you smoke. 

Smoking? Well it’s just not for human’s, people dying from smoking and getting many disease, plus children's inhaling the smoke and dying from it as well. Smoking is just like a bomb, that you take everyday and one day it blows up inside of you.  In my opinion smokes are death sticks in our world.

Smoking is mostly possible to give you a heart disease and eventually kill you, Heart disease and strokes is the most possible disease you will get when you smoke. Smoking can also get you other disease like cancer,AIDS,HIV,Brain damage and many others.

I Believe that smoking is not good for our world. Our world will be better without cigarettes and smokes. Smoking not my future.

Monday, August 20, 2012

School Cross Country

Blue,Red,Yellow and green, It was what everyone was wearing, Sitting on the court waiting for the year 7’s to take off,”bang” as  they took off I saw many other Year 5's and 4's coming back so tired, I ask myself ''How am I going to run all that way without getting puffed out”?

Soon all of the year 8’s stood up to go in their starting position,I was confident until I saw many fit people challenging against me,”Bang”we all took off jogging until we got near to the reserve, buufff! one went past then another ,then another soon I just got tired and started to jog but I did not give up, I caught up to one of our runners and it was Havea, We just ran and ran but we always ran into people so I started to slow down and Havea took off .

Soon I ran into a massive puddle. I got sucked in the mud and it nearly took my shoe off , Soon my shorts were covered with black brownish slimy gunch of mud but its was still fun. Pushing my exhausting body to my limit I sadly came
4th but I still go to the Inter-zone. I am not proud of myself because I could do better but next time I will start training more.

Thanks to Stevie and Samson for checking my work.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Jamaicans strikes again!!

The most unbelievable thing happened in the Olympic Games,three great runners from “Jamaica”  out ran their opponents in the 200m making them win three medals in one go,”wow”!

Lets take it from the start
As the athletes got ready to show their skills they began jumping up and down and praying and doing all sort of stuff to pump them up,as the hooter went, the athletes got ready in their positions,as the speaker said,”on your mark,get set”baang! off the athletes went,it was tight in the first sprint off until Usain Bolt took his engines to the next level (but not olympic record engine level),he gas it but Yohan Blake wasn't far behind,following Blake was Warren Weir ,all of them gave it all and they made the Jamaicans look better than ever, 1st 2nd 3th Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica,it was a stunning race,this shows never ever underestimate the Jamaican “mon”.

Thanks to Samson for reading my work.

Monday, July 23, 2012

About Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay inspires me because he worked so hard to achieve his goals.Gay was a low graded student in school but his running skills was amazing,he was the state fastest runner in 100m race.

Tyson Gay was born in U.S.A on August 9, 1982  in a city called  Lexington, Kentucky.Tyson competed in numerous olympic games and won gold in 100m,200m and 4x100 meters 2007 Osaka world championship.

Tyson was encouraged by his mother and began to train hard at school and sprinting up  hills near the neighbourhood, Tyson would always train with his sister and began to work harder on his starting technique,Tyson was inspired by her sister and trained to be the best.

Tyson inspired me by making me train harder and making me going to the limit when I sprint.

Thank's to Samson for checking my work.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When is the right time to swear

In our class we have been reading an article about a US town banning swearing. This town is near Boston and they wanted the loud swearing to stop, the residents agreed to fine anyone that swears out loud  $20 US dollars. In the class we had to write about:
'When Is The Right Time To Swear'

The right time to swear is never because what you say will demonstrate what kind of person you are. Swearing is a bad thing because it could make families angry and want to get in a brawl with your family. 

In some families there are different rules about profanity (swearing). You can have time-out or worse for swearing, 

Swearing can be so hard to keep in when you're angry at someone or something so make up a word that's not bad like "fudge" instead of saying 'f***'.

Thanks to Samson and Tui for checking my work.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technology at T.C (Tamaki College)

Last year we had our first ever Technology as year 7’s at Tamaki College.Our subjects where Graphics,Wood,Food,science and electronics.This year we went to Japaneses for the first term and our teacher was Mr Ishibashi,He was from Japan and come to teach how to speak Japanese.My favorite week was when we made Oragami and played a game that was like swing a egg to try land it on the spoon,we made Samarise hats and these blades with four pointy ends.What I learnt from that class was how to count in Japaneses up to 20 and learnt how to say the Japaneses mouths

Japaneses was fun and if I get to do it again I would.!!

Thanks to Samson for checking my work.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh Life

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Netherland in 1853 of the 30th of March, Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist  which means he did all of his painting with self-inspiration . He had a rough background and he became one of the of the world famous Artist. He was not appreciated by his mother and father.He had a mental illness that had made him cut his ear off and then he put it in a box than sending it to his girl friend.

One of his earliest aspirations was to become a pastor and from 1879 he worked as a missionary in a mining region in Belgium where he started to draw people from the local community.Vincent Van Gogh  firmly believe that drawer’s had to master drawing before adding color. At the end of Vincent Van Gogh life, a gunshot ended the passionate man’s life at the age of 37 in 29 of July in 1890
1853-Vincent Van Gogh was born
1860- Attended Zundert village school
1873-transferred to London
1875-transferred to Paris
1876-He started to preach the word in Boringa
1880-Vincent Van Gogh needed to become a artis
1884-Completion of the “potato Eater”
1885-Completion of the “potato Eater”
1886-Gogh moved to paris and discovered the impressionist and post impressionists
1888-Vincent Van Gogh moved to Arles to start a school of art.
1889-The completion of the “Starry Night
1890-Gogh leaves saint Remy and begins contacting his brother Theo
1890- Vincent Van Gogh Death

Thanks to Tui Moa for checking my work

Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Alive

Today our whole school gathered together to see what amazing show that the teacher put on to show us what our new topic was for our new term.
First to show what they got, team one! They had a movie set up,It showed stripes,dots,lines from different animal skins.It was wonderful looking at different patterns.After one by one,each team finish there act that show our topic for the term ”ART ALIVE” team five was fun to watch and it was so funny.What I would like to do this term is draw some picture, can't wait to do some Art.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MY favourite sport!!!!!!!

Netball is so fun,It is played by girls mostly but it played by some boys too and people say that boys are better than girls,Just saying.Do you know
Rugby,Well Rugby  is in my top 3 favorite is great tackling and running and also scoring.It is a lots of fun if it played fearly.Rugby is played by boys and girls and it a hack alots of fun man.

League  is my top 5 and it is has much more different rules then rugby .It pretty fun .My best league team is the Tigers and My best player would be Benji Marshall.
Seven is in my top 3 too. It is play by all over the world.It is so fun and I like to be like the Samoan team.They are great at tackling and break downs and running and also wacking.Sevens are called Sevens because they have seven players in each team.Sevens are so fun and I can’t wait to play it.

Thanks to Athina for her reading my work!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My 2012 camp reflection !!!!!

21st camp at Pt England!!!
During this week we had been to our school camp for the last three days of the week.It was the 21st camp that was held at our school field ,Pt England.Our year 7’s and 8’s had lots of

fun.My favourite part of being at the camp was at the last day of camp, Swimarama Lagoon.It was because we saw the Warriors ,but that's not all. It was fun bombing in the diving pool, sliding in the slide and playing footy in the pool with the boys and girl ( which the girl cheated at).My group the "Respectronic" was really funny and hard to keep quite .The camp was really fun and I am going to miss it because this is the last year for me at Pt England

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Smart

just last weeks we have been studying about Cyber smart.We had learned many new stuff about Cyber smart like do not but bad thing about other people on the internet until you've asking him or her for permission.Cyber Smart can really help you though life .It is a smart way for us to do great thing on the internet.Here are some useful tips when you are on the internet.

1.Cyber Smart is surfing the wed site for informational .

2.Once you put your comment on the internet it would be read by many people all over the world.

3.Footprint are things that writes down your program that you have been on your computer.Be careful you might be caught by a sneaky adult checking your history.

4. Communication or Relationship with people you never seen or know is a dangerous thing. If you did not now this person and he or she is on your friend list you must delete them off your friend list because that friend might see your time line and see that you are going a holiday, you just don't now that this man/woman is a robber and is 3 blocks away from your house and came to rob your house.

Be Cyber Smart New Zealand !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duffy show

Walking in the rain ,trying to get to the hall for the Duffy show. It was crowded and full of red Polo shirt kids that want to see the magnificent Duffy show. 3 professional actors ,acted as Duffy,Marvell, Scruffy and so on, they came to show us some great thing to make us love reading more.

When we got there, we just made it for the beginning because we just came from Tamaki College.
They told us some ground rules before starting the show. After they told us the rule they began the first scene . It was about the garage sale,Duffy and his brother Scruffy when in to a big box and started though random things out. Soon Duffy found his old book and started to read , but his brother wanted to play with him ,but Duffy was buzzing reading his book.

The second scene was about The best book in the world.Marvell( the best book in the world) Told Duffy about her journey to becoming the best book in the world .She told Duffy were she was first seen , in the book store. She was just laying their until the door bell ringed. It was was a costumer that wanted a book for her daughter Emmy. He wanted her to love reading. Every day Emmy went out she toke Marvell.But soon Emmy got older an older and forgot about her book.

Next, It was about Emmy Son Rocky and he found the best book in the world and went in to an adventure. His adventure was being a sailing trip and being the basest pirate on the sea . It was on a rocky adventure and the boat nearly sank.They had to rewind back when they crashed in to a pile of rock and fix it by not crashing in to the pile of rock.

After it was the start of the next scene,it was about getting a break with the best book in the world . It was about a boy that was all that and was angry . But Marvell the best book in the world made him enjoy reading so he came to the library every day.

Soon the Duffy show was finished and everyone went sad. It was time for us to go back to class. All of our laugh and our enjoyment was fun and we can't wait for next year.

Here is a drawing of Duffy!
Blocking my view ,trying to see what we were going to do, a class was still play because they came late.We had to wait a few minute for them to finish.

Every Thursday from now on we are participating in a fun sport what we call netball.Our fantastic netball teacher was Miss Liz and she was going teacher us some netball drill.

The first drill of the day was the passing drill.A half the class had to wear bibs but the other half had no bibs.We had to get in to 6 lines and we had to face our partner(bibs to non bibs) standing on a X that was marked on the ground or a circle blue flag.Liz choose two people to call our a number and each time they said a number we had to past the ball to our partner.

Very soon we moved on to a game.We had two team, and we had four corners with blue circle flags on the ground and we had to try hit it with the ball,but we had to do netball rule.It was so not fair because the other team had 7 people and we only had 4 , but still we won.We jumped like Kangaroos , passed as fast as a cheetahs and stand like harden up concrete, it was really fun until we had to go .

It was so fun and I can’t wait for our next netball session .

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today we have been doing some research on the internet of what an Ex line , a why line,a Discrete graph and a Continuous graph is.An Ex and a Why is 2 lines on a graph , an ex is a Horizontal line and the why is the Vertical line on the graph.The Discrete graph is a graph that work with the Continuous chart. The Continuous graph adds on and on but the Discrete graph take away and away.
Here are some drawing of some graphs with the Ex and the Why.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Health and me=?

This term in math, we are learning about statistics.As part of our learning we are
examining data relate to our health.The first part of our examination we collected data ( information) about the food we ate for one week(2/2 to 9/2).The graphs ( or chart) shows how much I ate from six major food groups.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Treaty of Waitangi

Today the Treaty of Waitangi has change the ways of the human racy. It has brought two culture together and had made us live one and made people happily and has made us do great thing for each others.

Here are some drawing's about the

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boom's out day in the holiday!!!

During my holiday ,I been out on adventure like being at the farm and going to place I never been too.My best fun day out was going to Paraki springs with my whole church.It was so big and it had two big slides.

When we got to Paraki spring we were the last family to get their,I was so excited to jump in the pool.As fast as possible I ran to the changing room and jumped in the pool and made a big bomb.

During the day I ran in to Joe and Casey.Me and Joe went to the pool with his brother and their friends.We were just playing then I had to go to eat our food,we ate chickens, potatoes,sausages,patties and breads.After minute of eating me and my cousin and friends went to the slide and started to do train's,it was pretty bad because we weren't allowed to do it.

Soon we were pulled out of the pool because someone did a accident in side the pool.It was really not fear because were freezing, so we headed up to the slide.After 20 or more slides the pool was open and we all rushed in .

Drying up, it was time for us to all go was pretty exhausting but at least we had fun and no one got hurt.I'm going to miss Paraki spring,Bye!!