Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swimming at the Y.M.C.A pool

Swimming Lesson

In the last 2 week at 2 pm, our year 7 and 8 were swimming at the Y.M.C.A pool at G.I so we now what to do when we are lost in the deep blue sea. Our teacher was Ms Tito and Ms Demster and they were teaching us to swim.Our first swimming lesson with Ms Tito was the free style but in a different way . We had to relax our wrist and slide it across the water and our elbow had to come out first .After that we had to swim all the to the end of the pool because we had to see if we now how to do the funny free style.Soon we had to go back to school because our school was going to finish in any second so we had a shower and got change in to our school uniform.

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