Thursday, June 16, 2011

Science Road Show .

England school.Soon we went on to our eyes and they told us about a President On Thursday the 9th of June our year seven and eight walked down to the Tamaki College to see the Science road show to learn more about our topic Bigger,Better,Faster and Stronger.

When we got their I saw lots of cool invention like the piano, metal detector and the skeletons.The first invention we went to was the levers because we had to get information from it.After that Paul and Jane that was running the show did a competition to win a cool prize which was 3d glass and a 3d picture.

Soon we had to leave the invention and sit because we were going to learn about our senses like the sight,smell,feel,taste and the hearing.Then they told us that our ears can get tricked from sound.So they show a mystery sound and it sounded like camera but it was a bird.After that Paul was going to say the winner and it Angler from Tamaki College and Awhina from P.t that was colour blind.Soon we moved on to taste and Paul needed a Valenti and I was the first to put my hand so they choose me.Then they gave me a mystery food which was caret and celery but I did’nt know that because I was blinded from a dark glass.Soon we had to go back to school and get ready for play time .

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