Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When is the right time to swear

In our class we have been reading an article about a US town banning swearing. This town is near Boston and they wanted the loud swearing to stop, the residents agreed to fine anyone that swears out loud  $20 US dollars. In the class we had to write about:
'When Is The Right Time To Swear'

The right time to swear is never because what you say will demonstrate what kind of person you are. Swearing is a bad thing because it could make families angry and want to get in a brawl with your family. 

In some families there are different rules about profanity (swearing). You can have time-out or worse for swearing, 

Swearing can be so hard to keep in when you're angry at someone or something so make up a word that's not bad like "fudge" instead of saying 'f***'.

Thanks to Samson and Tui for checking my work.