Friday, September 7, 2012

Danger's of smoking!

In our class we have been researching the danger of smoking.We have been looking for what the smokes does when you inhale it and what's disease you get when you smoke. 

Smoking? Well it’s just not for human’s, people dying from smoking and getting many disease, plus children's inhaling the smoke and dying from it as well. Smoking is just like a bomb, that you take everyday and one day it blows up inside of you.  In my opinion smokes are death sticks in our world.

Smoking is mostly possible to give you a heart disease and eventually kill you, Heart disease and strokes is the most possible disease you will get when you smoke. Smoking can also get you other disease like cancer,AIDS,HIV,Brain damage and many others.

I Believe that smoking is not good for our world. Our world will be better without cigarettes and smokes. Smoking not my future.