Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technology at T.C (Tamaki College)

Last year we had our first ever Technology as year 7’s at Tamaki College.Our subjects where Graphics,Wood,Food,science and electronics.This year we went to Japaneses for the first term and our teacher was Mr Ishibashi,He was from Japan and come to teach how to speak Japanese.My favorite week was when we made Oragami and played a game that was like swing a egg to try land it on the spoon,we made Samarise hats and these blades with four pointy ends.What I learnt from that class was how to count in Japaneses up to 20 and learnt how to say the Japaneses mouths

Japaneses was fun and if I get to do it again I would.!!

Thanks to Samson for checking my work.


  1. Hey Miracle, Nice piece of writing you have wrote their about Technology at Tamaki College, I am also in Japanese at the moment and I think its cool.

    keep up the awesome work from Joe.

  2. Hello Miracle,

    What a wonderful piece of art but it would have been better if you could proof read your piece of art before you post it. I'm also with Joe in Japanese and we are having a wonderful time. Any way keep up your excellent piece of art and Please fix up your title and also tell Samson that Tamaki is not spelt like this(Tamiki).


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