Monday, July 23, 2012

About Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay inspires me because he worked so hard to achieve his goals.Gay was a low graded student in school but his running skills was amazing,he was the state fastest runner in 100m race.

Tyson Gay was born in U.S.A on August 9, 1982  in a city called  Lexington, Kentucky.Tyson competed in numerous olympic games and won gold in 100m,200m and 4x100 meters 2007 Osaka world championship.

Tyson was encouraged by his mother and began to train hard at school and sprinting up  hills near the neighbourhood, Tyson would always train with his sister and began to work harder on his starting technique,Tyson was inspired by her sister and trained to be the best.

Tyson inspired me by making me train harder and making me going to the limit when I sprint.

Thank's to Samson for checking my work.