Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Alive

Today our whole school gathered together to see what amazing show that the teacher put on to show us what our new topic was for our new term.
First to show what they got, team one! They had a movie set up,It showed stripes,dots,lines from different animal skins.It was wonderful looking at different patterns.After one by one,each team finish there act that show our topic for the term ”ART ALIVE” team five was fun to watch and it was so funny.What I would like to do this term is draw some picture, can't wait to do some Art.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MY favourite sport!!!!!!!

Netball is so fun,It is played by girls mostly but it played by some boys too and people say that boys are better than girls,Just saying.Do you know
Rugby,Well Rugby  is in my top 3 favorite is great tackling and running and also scoring.It is a lots of fun if it played fearly.Rugby is played by boys and girls and it a hack alots of fun man.

League  is my top 5 and it is has much more different rules then rugby .It pretty fun .My best league team is the Tigers and My best player would be Benji Marshall.
Seven is in my top 3 too. It is play by all over the world.It is so fun and I like to be like the Samoan team.They are great at tackling and break downs and running and also wacking.Sevens are called Sevens because they have seven players in each team.Sevens are so fun and I can’t wait to play it.

Thanks to Athina for her reading my work!