Thursday, June 23, 2011

rugby League session

Yesterday morning at 10 am our class room 22 went to the court to get some rugby league session with one of the 2011 vodafone junior warriors squad named Sio Siua Taukeiaho.

When we got there Sio Siua Taukeiaho put us in to four separated groups to play against each other. Then we moved on to our first skill of the day and it was zig zag . I had to demonstrate how to do it by running around 8 corns. Then we had a competition and that competition was the whole team had to zig zag around the corn but one at a time and who ever group comes last they had to do 5 push up and did you now who come last, it was us.

Our second skill of the day was the the people zig zag but this zig zag was a little bit different to the other one . This zig zag you had to run around the people in your team as fast as you can holding a ball and when you get back to the front you have to score a try and the first team to get three point or try wins and the losing team had to push up 5 time again.So we tried not to lose and I was the first one in my team to run but then I got beaten so the other team got one point.At the end of the game we loses again but it wasn’t fear because the other team had 7 and we had 8 but we didn't care.

Our last skill of the day was the kicking game . We had to kick the ball over their neck but like volleyball and try make them fall the ball or bounce it near a person on the other side .When the game started I was fully ready to hide but then I caught a ball and got some people out until they got me out . Then we had two more game and we won the second game then it was the last game of the day we tried so hard to win but we lost but we didn't need to do push up so it was ccol.

It was super fun and cool and I can wait to do it again , if they do again.

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