Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Smart

just last weeks we have been studying about Cyber smart.We had learned many new stuff about Cyber smart like do not but bad thing about other people on the internet until you've asking him or her for permission.Cyber Smart can really help you though life .It is a smart way for us to do great thing on the internet.Here are some useful tips when you are on the internet.

1.Cyber Smart is surfing the wed site for informational .

2.Once you put your comment on the internet it would be read by many people all over the world.

3.Footprint are things that writes down your program that you have been on your computer.Be careful you might be caught by a sneaky adult checking your history.

4. Communication or Relationship with people you never seen or know is a dangerous thing. If you did not now this person and he or she is on your friend list you must delete them off your friend list because that friend might see your time line and see that you are going a holiday, you just don't now that this man/woman is a robber and is 3 blocks away from your house and came to rob your house.

Be Cyber Smart New Zealand !

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