Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blocking my view ,trying to see what we were going to do, a class was still play because they came late.We had to wait a few minute for them to finish.

Every Thursday from now on we are participating in a fun sport what we call netball.Our fantastic netball teacher was Miss Liz and she was going teacher us some netball drill.

The first drill of the day was the passing drill.A half the class had to wear bibs but the other half had no bibs.We had to get in to 6 lines and we had to face our partner(bibs to non bibs) standing on a X that was marked on the ground or a circle blue flag.Liz choose two people to call our a number and each time they said a number we had to past the ball to our partner.

Very soon we moved on to a game.We had two team, and we had four corners with blue circle flags on the ground and we had to try hit it with the ball,but we had to do netball rule.It was so not fair because the other team had 7 people and we only had 4 , but still we won.We jumped like Kangaroos , passed as fast as a cheetahs and stand like harden up concrete, it was really fun until we had to go .

It was so fun and I can’t wait for our next netball session .

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