Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boom's out day in the holiday!!!

During my holiday ,I been out on adventure like being at the farm and going to place I never been too.My best fun day out was going to Paraki springs with my whole church.It was so big and it had two big slides.

When we got to Paraki spring we were the last family to get their,I was so excited to jump in the pool.As fast as possible I ran to the changing room and jumped in the pool and made a big bomb.

During the day I ran in to Joe and Casey.Me and Joe went to the pool with his brother and their friends.We were just playing then I had to go to eat our food,we ate chickens, potatoes,sausages,patties and breads.After minute of eating me and my cousin and friends went to the slide and started to do train's,it was pretty bad because we weren't allowed to do it.

Soon we were pulled out of the pool because someone did a accident in side the pool.It was really not fear because were freezing, so we headed up to the slide.After 20 or more slides the pool was open and we all rushed in .

Drying up, it was time for us to all go was pretty exhausting but at least we had fun and no one got hurt.I'm going to miss Paraki spring,Bye!!

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