Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duffy show

Walking in the rain ,trying to get to the hall for the Duffy show. It was crowded and full of red Polo shirt kids that want to see the magnificent Duffy show. 3 professional actors ,acted as Duffy,Marvell, Scruffy and so on, they came to show us some great thing to make us love reading more.

When we got there, we just made it for the beginning because we just came from Tamaki College.
They told us some ground rules before starting the show. After they told us the rule they began the first scene . It was about the garage sale,Duffy and his brother Scruffy when in to a big box and started though random things out. Soon Duffy found his old book and started to read , but his brother wanted to play with him ,but Duffy was buzzing reading his book.

The second scene was about The best book in the world.Marvell( the best book in the world) Told Duffy about her journey to becoming the best book in the world .She told Duffy were she was first seen , in the book store. She was just laying their until the door bell ringed. It was was a costumer that wanted a book for her daughter Emmy. He wanted her to love reading. Every day Emmy went out she toke Marvell.But soon Emmy got older an older and forgot about her book.

Next, It was about Emmy Son Rocky and he found the best book in the world and went in to an adventure. His adventure was being a sailing trip and being the basest pirate on the sea . It was on a rocky adventure and the boat nearly sank.They had to rewind back when they crashed in to a pile of rock and fix it by not crashing in to the pile of rock.

After it was the start of the next scene,it was about getting a break with the best book in the world . It was about a boy that was all that and was angry . But Marvell the best book in the world made him enjoy reading so he came to the library every day.

Soon the Duffy show was finished and everyone went sad. It was time for us to go back to class. All of our laugh and our enjoyment was fun and we can't wait for next year.

Here is a drawing of Duffy!

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