Monday, August 20, 2012

School Cross Country

Blue,Red,Yellow and green, It was what everyone was wearing, Sitting on the court waiting for the year 7’s to take off,”bang” as  they took off I saw many other Year 5's and 4's coming back so tired, I ask myself ''How am I going to run all that way without getting puffed out”?

Soon all of the year 8’s stood up to go in their starting position,I was confident until I saw many fit people challenging against me,”Bang”we all took off jogging until we got near to the reserve, buufff! one went past then another ,then another soon I just got tired and started to jog but I did not give up, I caught up to one of our runners and it was Havea, We just ran and ran but we always ran into people so I started to slow down and Havea took off .

Soon I ran into a massive puddle. I got sucked in the mud and it nearly took my shoe off , Soon my shorts were covered with black brownish slimy gunch of mud but its was still fun. Pushing my exhausting body to my limit I sadly came
4th but I still go to the Inter-zone. I am not proud of myself because I could do better but next time I will start training more.

Thanks to Stevie and Samson for checking my work.

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