Monday, November 26, 2012


In our class we have been going to swimming lesson every Wednesday, during swimming lessons I was doing work because I was not allowed to swim due to problems I had.

Well, what I learnt was a technique that will keep your temperature warm well you are cold in the sea called the“Huddle”if you are with many people you should make a circle(facing Inwards like a football team huddling) so you can share the body heat to each others keeping the temperature warm not risking your life getting hypothermia, if you are going “SOLO” you should cross your arms and legs lifting your knees up near your chest to keep your temperature warm called the “HELP”(heat escape lessening position).

I learn also that if your boat capsized in the middle of nowhere in the sea you should grab any floating object that's nearby and wait for rescue.

A MUST DO THING BEFORE ENTERING THE WATER” Wear a life jacket, It could save your life.

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