Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Driving To His Goals

After two years since the accident Matt made to Robs car, Matt was ready to learn how to drive, he jump in the drivers seat and this time he was tall enough to reach his legs to the pedals.

Rob the owner of the car taught him all the basic skills to drive,then he took him for a little spin,after 3 more years matt was able to drive,he was going to go get his license but first he had to do a test, his first test he was 20% low to be able to get his license ,then he came the next day to try again but he was 30% lower this time.

After he tried and tried he went be to Rob because he was sick of the test,Rob threw his car keys to Matt thinking that he had his license and then they zoomed off in the red car.

Matt was feeling at the top of the world until he and Rob was stopped by the police,Rob didn’t worry but Matt did,the police ask for his license but he said he didn’t have one, he was soon given a warning for driving without license.

Matt soon went back to study for his next test, he stayed up for the next few month up till 1 in the morning before getting knocked at from being tried.

The day of the test he was confident that he was going to pass,the test went on and he was on fire, he wrote this and trick that and did everything that he studied about, then he waited.

Soon his result come to his face and his face was full of excitement,he went to Rob house and then he drove the car away with happiness.

Thanks for Kevin for editing my work.

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