Friday, October 19, 2012

Roller coaster of death!!

Stories that people tell that people enter the roller coaster and neve
In one terrifying night in every year the roller coaster will open a pr see anyone come out at the end, stories that will haunt family’s forever
ortal to an unknown place if a person is on it, the roller coaster got shut down and was not ride for years until three boys came to visit their grandmother and saw the abundant roller coaster.They were so unsure why it was closed down, one of them looked at the sign and it said ”do not enter.” They heard a voice coming from the roller coaster,”we need help” then the voice faded away.

The boys soon ran home and told each other’s they will never return, The next day they saw their grandmother running to the abundant roller coaster and started talking to it, it was weird so the three young boys went out to investigate, the boys couldn’t hear anything but they could see the Avatar just standing on the track.

Soon the grandma went into a portal with the blue man and disappeared, the boys followed in a rollercoaster cart, when they got in the place there stomach felt so weird because the roller coaster was going to fast, when they go in wicked place they saw  scary masks stuck on the walls,very soon the boys got creeped out and started running, soon the mask’s started talking and the boys started to sprint , soon they ran into her grandmother, she started saying” how ,what, oh my gosh” and then she started freaking out,suddenly the floor open up and sucked the boys and their grandmother and the blue Avater, soon they found hanging at the top of a lava pool, soon a man come wearing black walking with a evil look” you should've not come you little bratz” the boys were scared......

To be Continued

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