Friday, October 19, 2012

Money in the air!!

In a poor town where people fight for money, every year there would be wars over money, many people would die , families would move away and never return.Soon a family move into the violent town but did not know the town was so harmful, next few weeks there house was robbed day after day, one day the family's money was taken by crooks, they were devastated.

They soon went to a church and started to pray that no one would steal anything  from there home anymore, the next few months nothing was stolen, they were happy but they have no money so they hadn't eaten for months so they prayed and prayed and prayed, the next day the clouds turned green, they never seen clouds like those ever before.

Soon the sky started raining money, the family said it was a “MIRACLE” , everyone got money and for the past few years the whole town had money and more money and even more money, there were no more wars and the town ended up being one of the richest towns in the world.

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