Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 challenge

Who was there you might be asking, well our whole year seven and eight was there having a blast on Tuesday the 23 th of August 2011 at the bottom feirld .

Our first activity was sling shot ball. We had to slingshot a dodge ball and try make it land on a hoop and each time you get it in a hoop your class will get fifty point and the class who has the most point get to play water balloon fight.It was kind of hard because the ball always rolls out of the hoop but at the end we got two balls in so that make 100 point.Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!

Moving on to our next fun activity witch we had to tie up our leg with another person leg and try get to the other side with a tennis ball on a spoon .It’s tricky but the other’s got back really fast.Then the first second and third had to race to see who is the chapion of our class at the activity and it was Amos and Beni and they will be playing the winners from the others class.

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