Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our school champion

For a whole week our boys were in Tauranga to compete in the AIM Rugby Sevens tournament. It was a battle. The other teams felt our team was very challenging, so it was hard for them to beat us. Soon everyone at school heard that our boys were winning every game . Everyone was very proud of them.

Pt England won 50-0 in their first game against Cambridge school . In their next game against Whangarei Intermediate school our boys won 22-7 . After Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday our school won all their games and went into the final to play Royal Oak. After the tournament they sent back messages telling us they won the whole tournament and will be coming back with the cup having thrashed their opponent 26-5 .

That week our school was buzzing with joy and beaming with pride. Our boys had become champions .We hope that we will carry on the spirit of this very exciting week .We will never forget it.Go boys!!!!!!

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  1. How exciting it is to here about all of the wins! I remember back when I was in high school, we always wanted that W! I was a cheerleader, and it was so important for us to have faith in our team. Having school spirit and being supportive is very important in order to keep the heads held high in every sport! Congratulations, and I will be checking in to see for some more wins! Good luck!! :)


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