Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jonah Lomu life

Full Name:Jonah Tail Lomu
Nick name:Big man,burger
Place of birth:Auckland New Zealand
Day of Birth:12 May 1975
Height:1.96 m( 6 Ft 5 in)
Weight:125 kg(19 st 10 Ib)
speed:can run 100 metres in 10.8 second

In the pass a great rugby player came out of the sadow and shine and made his whole life better. This rugby legen was going though problem like sickness,cousin getting killed in a brawl and so on.His name is Jonah Lomu and he was born in New Zealand in Auckland in May 12 1975.One day he got sent back to Tonga and was told to learn about his culture.When he was nine he really shot up. He was so tall he couldn’t fit in the car with the rest of the family so he had to run at the back of the car every time they had to going to church.After five years Jonah Lomu was sent back to South Auckland and went to Wesley College at Pukekohe.When he was nineteen he was selected from the All Black to play France.He only played two games on the wing but he had bad memories of the second game in Auckland.Soon every time Jonah Lomu plays a game he would be very exhausted.In 1996, he played against the Barbarians and England ,and after the match ,he had to lie in bed for three days.Then one day he was told that he had a serious liver disease.

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