Monday, May 16, 2011

On Thursday, Room 22 had a fun time learning to do some netball skills with a netball teacher named Emma.

Our first activity was drills, three dynamic stretches we had high knees, grape vine and butt kick.
Our second skill was learning to do our passing. We were going to learn how to do three different passes. Our first passing step was bouncing the ball from the ground to the other person. Our second step was the chest pass we had to pass the ball with a w on our hand and pass the ball toward our friend chest. Our third step was the overhead pass. We had to imagine that some was at the front of us blocking and we had to pass the ball over to our team mate.

Our last fun drill of the day was a game. We were divided into two groups, the bibs against the
non-bibs. It was a petty hard match and fast game but at the end the non bib team won 3 -1.

At netball I had a super fun time doing some drills and I can’t wait till next time.

These are some photos that our teacher took, don’t they look cool?

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